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Commercial Moving Service in Fort Worth Texas

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Relocating your business? When searching for a licensed and insured commercial moving service provider in Fort Worth Texas, ones decision on whom to hire is critical. Having a commercial moving company transport your entire business is no small task. Commercial moving comes with a great deal of responsibility. You will be dependant on the Moving Company you choose to perform your move flawlessly. When choosing a mover take the time to weigh your options. We believe the most important qualification to consider is trust. As a starting point to build trust we require all of our commercial moving customers to have an on-site moving estimate prior to their move. During your moving estimate you will have a chance to meet us, ask questions, and receive honest answers. ProStar Moving of Fort Worth offers a variety of commercial moving services to businesses in Fort Worth, Texas and to the entire Dallas, Fort-Worth Metroplex. At the point when your business is looking to contract a professional commercial moving company call ProStar Moving of Fort Worth.

Our Commercial Services:

Commercial Moving & Storage

ProStar Moving has been relocating businesses and homes for over twenty years. We provide the highest level of customer service within our industry.

  • Commercial Moving & Storage
  • Professional Relocation Services
  • Licensed & Insured

Office Furniture Movers

  • Disassembly of Office Furniture
  • Packaging & Transportation
  • Placement & Assembly

Computer Systems Moved

  • Computer Disconnect
  • Package & Transport
  • Computer Reconnect

Cubicle's & Work Stations - Moving & Installation

We provide moving, installation and reconfiguration services for your existing or new office systems.

  • Cubicle Reconfiguration & Installation
  • Disassembly of Office Workstations
  • Package & Transport
  • Receiving, Delivery & Installation
  • Furniture & Equipment Installation

Industrial Equipment Movers

ProStar Moving of Fort Worth is an expert specialty equipment and machinery moving service. We offer professional equipment and machinery moving, transport and rigging services. We move all types of equipment, including fragile, oversized and hi-tech machinery. We are experts at rigging, crating, shipping and storage.

  • Disassemble Equipment
  • Custom Crate Equipment
  • Rigging & Transport
  • Equipment Storage
  • Emergency Delivery
  • Placement & Assembly

Office Moving Crate Rentals

Rental crates are a smart alternative to the cardboard box that enables you to save on:

  • Minimize waste / No disposal fee's
  • 20% - 50% fewer crates needed than boxes
  • Reduce your moves overall man hours
  • Eliminates redundant handling

We Provide:

Freight Delivery & Hot Shot

  • Time Sensitive Delivery
  • Special Handling
  • Punctual & Reliable

Other Commercial Moving Services Available:

  • Tech Services- Computer & Network disconnect and connect. These services are coordinated by a third party specialist.

Before you hire just any moving company in Fort Worth, Texas. Call the professionals at ProStar Moving of Fort Worth for a hassle-free moving service. To speak to a moving representative from our team, and to receive your no obligation moving estimate, call or email us today.